LuitBiz DMS

How to choose and implement the right document management solution?

8 steps on implement a document management software

ROI of Document Management System

The Return On Investment (ROI) of LuitBiz DMS are:

Freedom from pricey paper

The reduction of paper from your business processes will often produce the most immediate ROI.

Saves Time

By implementing document management in a digital format, companies can allot more time to using information and less time to finding it. Instead of wondering who has a report or combing through archives for hours, employees can instantly retrieve documents within a digital repository through a simple search.

Security Of Documents

If you think losing one file is frustrating, imagine losing thousands of them in a flood, fire or other disaster. Rather than cutting back on current unnecessary expenses, a disaster recovery plan is all about avoiding future ones. Ask your superiors if maintaining rooms full of paper documents is worth millions of dollars in restoration costs.

Increased Employee Efficiency

By spending less time on processing and searching for paper documents, employees can increase their work capacity and potential for growth.

Savings on Storage Space

All the file cabinets and storage rooms that was used to store paper documents could now be used more productively. After all, a productive environment isn't solely about stacks of paper.

Still not convinced? Let's take you on a test drive ...

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Savings on Paper Usage - "Go Green"

Savings on 3rd Party Software Purchase & Management

Savings in Time & Money on Managing Business Critical Documents From Disparate Sources for Business Insight

Business Documents available from anywhere ... anytime ... while on move