LuitBiz DMS Features & Benefits

What does LuitBiz DMS offer & what are the benefits?

  • * Web Based & Anytime Anywhere Access: Users can simply use a standard web browser to access LuitBiz DMS from anywhere, anytime using any device without downloading any mobile apps or desktop clients
  • * Easy-to-use Interface: Intuitive graphical user interface coupled with audio & video guides in each screen and comprehensive user guides ensure users get started within minutes after signup
  • * Scalable: Fast and scalable no matter how many documents you have
  • * Hierarchical File Structure: Files are organized in a traditional folder tree
  • * Versatility: File format independent i.e., any type of file can be uploaded to the system except .exe files
  • * Advanced Search Options: LuitBiz DMS offers different search options to retrieve your files within seconds. These include metadata search, search by date, search by indexing, full text search, search by knowledge base, etc.
  • * Full Text Search: LuitBiz DMS allows you to search for content inside .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, .xls, .xlsx, .txt and .pdf files. This helps in instant retrieval of files in LuitBiz DMS.
  • * Complete Role Based User Management: In LuitBiz DMS users are organized and managed based on their roles defined at the folder level. So only the users with the correct privileges have access to the documents. In LuitBiz DMS, users are arranged into different user groups with each group having a leader with special privileges. The leader decides the access privileges of the group users to different folders and ensures that the right documents are with the right hands at the right time.
  • * File Viewers: Files in LuitBiz DMS can be viewed in the browser without downloading them by using the inbuilt file viewer.
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  • * Email Documents: Users can email documents from LuitBiz DMS and a complete audit trail of the emails sent is recorded in the system.
  • * Document Hiding: In LuitBiz DMS, you can hide files from certain users and they will not be able to know about the existence of those files even if they have access to the folders where these files are located. These are specially helpful for maintaining confidential files like passport information, tax documents, medical records (under GINA act), etc where users are given access to files on a need-to-know basis
  • * Secured Hosting in Cloud Servers: LuitBiz DMS is hosted in secured servers that are SAS 70 Level II compliant. Your documents are extremely secured on our servers.
  • * Manage Document Metadata: Usually a document has additional parameters which allow you to understand its purpose. In LuitBiz DMS, users can set these metadata for all documents and use them for sorting and searching. These metadata include document keywords and description, expiry date, etc.
  • * Manage Document Versions: Eliminate lost edits and wasted efforts with the built-in version control system of LuitBiz DMS. Documents are checked out for modification so only one user has edit access at a time. Users can view revision history of documents to which they have access; see who changed the document and when; view previous versions of the documents and roll back to a previous version when necessary. This makes team effort look effortless without version chaos. The built-in version control mechanism of LuitBiz DMS help users to manage complete historical records of all the versions of the documents. This results in ready availability of all the versions of the document in one place. Additionally, complete audit trail of all the versions help in keeping track of the entire document life cycle.
  • * Access Documents Remotely: Your offices might be spread across diverse geographical locations and you might have employees from these diverse locations working on the same document. These remote workers and offices will have the same access to your business documents as if they were in the same office based on their access privilege. Share documents with colleagues and partners, and stay in control of access rights. Save time and money on shipping documents to different office locations and increase your company's efficiency with LuitBiz DMS.
  • * Accelerate Document Approval Processes With Workflows: Your business documents are central to your business processes. That means that you need to control the lifecycle of the document right from creation through approval. LuitBiz DMS makes it easy to stay in control of all your documents. You can easily create, customize, and standardize workflow templates that are unique to your organization. Additionally, LuitBiz DMS allows direct approval of documents by group members. This means that if a document needs to be approved by one person only, it can be done easily. The person gets email alerts about the approval and can approve the document immediately.
  • * Work Smarter With Document Tagging: Organize Documents Based on How You Do Business: LuitBiz DMS makes it easy to organize documents in your repository. It allows you to create your own searchable tagging templates that can be tailored to suit your business model. These tags can be quickly applied to new and existing documents.
  • * Retrieve Documents Easily: LuitBiz DMS users can quickly search all documents based on different search criteria. LuitBiz DMS supports full text search, Boolean search, indexed document search, favourite document search and document knowledge base search. Additionally, documents can also be searched for based on their creation dates and expiry dates. Users can find all documents related to any search term and eliminate the hassles of searching for a document on someone's desk or looking in multiple file cabinets.
  • * View Complete Audit Trail: LuitBiz DMS displays complete audit trail of the document and its different versions including who viewed, modified and performed other operations (rollback, lock, hide, etc.) on a document
  • * Document Usage Reports: LuitBiz DMS generates detailed reports on the usage of the documents stored in the system by user, group and document types
  • * Build Your Company's Knowledge Base: When a document is being made, a lot of research is done and a lot of information and knowledge is gathered by your employees. However, all this information does not go into the body of the document. LuitBiz DMS allows you to save all this knowledge in a searchable database and use it later when required.
  • * Minimize capital expenditure with the Cloud: LuitBiz DMS allows companies to reduce capital expenditures with business-class document management delivered as software-as-a-service. You do not need to make a huge upfront investment or worry about hardware purchase and maintenance to streamline your document filing processes. LuitBiz DMS allows you to manage your documents easily at an affordable cost over the cloud without hardware upgrades or maintenance burdens.
  • * Assured service availability: By using LuitBiz DMS, you can rely on an enterprise service level agreement for uptime and availability. The rich knowledge base and help guides of LuitBiz DMS coupled with efficient support professionals ensure fast issue resolution.
Implementation of LuitBiz DMS can help a businesses increase its:
  • 1. Visibility: into the status of an entire document lifecycle that includes document users, their document related collaboration and supported comments
  • 2. Control: on business documents and start, modify or suspend document related activities
  • 3. Accountability: of employees for timely execution of projects by tracking and auditing individual's quality of work on business critical documents
  • 4. Productivity: by proactively serving up the combined knowledge and assets of the entire organization

The benefits of LuitBiz DMS are:

  • * Productivity Gains :Significant productivity gains among employees as a result of improved document availability, flow and reusability
  • * Business Knowledge Repository: Visibility to ideas as they are proposed, plans as they are formulated and problems as they are solved that are attached to documents and can be used for future reference
  • * Cost Reduction: Cost savings through structural changes in the way documents are organized, communicated and stored over the cloud
  • * Profit Maximization: Maximize profits through effective management of critical business documents that shortens business cycles and brings in faster cash conversion
  • * Strengthening Business Relationship: Providing customized information for business requirements and facilitating communication enhances customer service and strengthens business relationships
  • * Quality Assurance: Managing automated digital information in real time dramatically reduces errors
  • * Competitive Advantage: Companies become agile, flexible and have control over the entire communication process and gain a definite edge over their competition
  • * Rapid ROI: LuitBiz DMS enables companies to have centralized and secured repository of business critical documents that can be easily searched and recovered. This feature coupled with the product's very competitive price easily pays for itself within months of implementation of the product.
  • * Enhanced business bottom line: by reducing costs on physical storage and searching of files
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Manage compliances with LuitBiz DMS

In all business operations regulatory compliance has a huge impact. Companies spend a lot of time and money in meeting regulatory compliances but a single flaw in their systems can have huge repercussions and might call for huge fines. LuitBiz DMS helps organizations meet the following regulatory compliances:

GDPR Compliance

Required By: All Companies that collect data from citizens in European Union (EU) countries will need to comply with GDPR rules for protecting customer data by May 25, 2018.

FDA Compliance

Required By: Food and drug manufacturers, traders, wholesalers, sponsors, clinical investigators, institutional review boards (IRBs), contract research organizations (CROs), etc.

GMP Compliance

Required By: Pharmaceutical and drug companies need to comply with the Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations and manage their SOPs.

HIPAA Compliance

Required By: Employers and all healthcare providers that transmit employee/ patient information electronically for claims, benefit eligibility, referral authorizations, etc.

ISO 9001 Compliance

Required By: All companies providing products / services to customers need to comply with ISO 9001 family of quality management systems standards.

SEC Compliance

Required By: Brokers and dealers, and their associated persons as well as any self-regulatory organizations to which the brokers and dealers belong.

Sarbanes-Oxley Act Compliance

Required By: Publicly traded companies, public accounting firms, auditors, brokers, securities analysts.

Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act Compliance

Required By: Financial institutions that offer consumers financial products or services like loans, financial or investment advice, or insurance.

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