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LuitBiz DMS

LuitBiz Document Management Software (DMS) is an easy to use web based document management system built from ground-up using proven technologies. This intuitive software offers powerful document management features that include all tools a business requires to digitally manage their documents over the cloud and can be used by companies of all sizes across all verticals.

LuitBiz DMS is offered both is the on-premise model (where the software is installed on your servers and you can handle its management) and the SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model (where the software is hosted is hosted on our servers and we take care of the hosting and maintenance of the software).

LuitBiz DMS will help businesses have better access and control over their documents and solve the following challenges:

  • * Secure storage of business documents in electronic format
  • * Access To Documents from anywhere in the world
  • * Archiving of various versions and history of the document changes with complete audit trail
  • * Document Approval
  • * Document Indexing
  • * Document Knowledge Management
  • * Granting of different access rights to access documents to different users
  • * Creation of reports on working with documents

Using LuitBiz DMS, companies can:

  • * Access Documents Remotely
  • * Manage Document Versions
  • * Work Smarter With Documents - Organize Documents Based on How You Do Business
  • * Accelerate Document Approval Processes
  • * Build Your Company's Knowledge Base
  • * Search for Documents
  • * Manage Document Metadata
  • * Foster Collaboration amongst employees without losing control
  • * Manage Meeting Preparation and Notes
  • * Minimize capital expenditure with the Cloud
  • * Assured service availability

LuitBiz DMS ensures that the RIGHT document is available to the RIGHT person at the RIGHT time to make the RIGHT decision.
Save With LuitBiz DMS
  • Savings on Paper Usage - "Go Green"
  • Savings on 3rd Party Software Purchase & Management
  • Savings in Time & Money on Managing Business Critical Documents From Disparate Sources for Business Insight
  • Business Documents available from anywhere ... anytime ... while on move ...

ROI of Document Management System

The Return On Investment (ROI) of LuitBiz DMS are:

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Why LuitBiz DMS?

LuitBiz DMS is an easy to use web based Document Management System with built in Version Control, Document Workflow Management, Document Tagging, Document Publication, Document Knowledge Base and Advanced Document Search (including Full Text Search) - all in a single system

LuitBiz DMS Features

The power-packed features of LuitBiz DMS gives you real time visibility across your entire organizational documents with role based access to crucial business documents. Managing your documents have never been easier than this before.

LuitBiz DMS Benefits

LuitBiz DMS gives your business gain an edge over your competitors. It allows you to manage all your business critical documents centrally


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LuitBiz DMS simplifies Document Management and secures your documents online

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