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LuitBiz ERP is a basic ERP software that comes free with the Sales, Marketing & Support modules of LuitBiz CRM. It helps users run all aspects of item management and configuration that is required by the LuitBiz CRM modules for recording customer data in LuitBiz CRM. The main focus of LuitBiz CRM is to help ensure that customer needs are met in a timely and efficient manner, so that customer satisfaction is maintained a high levels throughout the organization and with every customer interaction, and so that the company's revenue and profitability goals are able to be met or exceeded. Towards this end LuitBiz ERP provides the necessary item and business partner information required by LuitBiz CRM.

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Procurement Module: Many decisions taken by departments have a procurement implication that can impact on the overall cost of carrying out the decision. Here cost includes the total cost of the good or service and not simply the price that is paid. Procurement is viewed as a strategic function working to improve the organisation's profitability and helping to streamline processes, reduce raw material prices and costs, and identifying better sources of supply. In essence, procurement streamlining helps a company to reduce its 'bottom line'. LuitBiz ERP is soon coming up with an extremely ready to use procurement management module that will help companies streamline their procurement processing and automate their requisition to payment cycle focussing on strategic activities with "touch-less" buying. The graphs and reports of the procurement management module provide procurement professionals the ability to compare criteria across multiple supplier quotes and help them make the best supplier selection that will be beneficial to the company. They can also leverage insight to manage supplier negotiations with LuitBuzz. This insight also helps in improving employee productivity and satisfaction by enabling faster buying decisions through easy product comparisons that translate into contracted savings. Additionally, procurement professionals will be able to collaborate extensively throughout the source-to-pay cycle, negotiate contract terms and achieve faster execution and all these records can be saved in the procurement module of LuitBiz ERP for future reference.

Inventory Module: If you have too many products in your warehouse, you increase the risk that they will become obsolete, damaged, spoiled or stolen before you can sell them all. Depending on which industry you are in, you're probably more worried about some of these risks than others. On the other hand, excess inventory doesn't just increase your risk of paying more in the future; it costs you more money all the time. You will need a larger warehouse or rent trailers if your warehouse is not big enough to store your extra inventory. Plus, you have to provide security to prevent theft. And don't forget about the money that's tied up in inventory that you could have used to hire personnel or grow your business in other ways. On the other end of the inventory spectrum, if you have too few products in your warehouse, you face a whole other set of risks. Your customers don't want to wait too long to get their orders shipped to them. So if you run out of the products they're looking for or if your picking, packing and shipping processes are too slow, you could drive customers away. Inventory management can be time-consuming, especially if you are trying to do it by hand or in Excel spreadsheets. Speed is everything in business. How fast you reorder products, ship customer orders and update your inventory records could make or break your company. That's why an automated inventory management system is so important. The Inventory module of LuitBiz ERP will help you plan, analyze data and manage your inventory more efficiently and proactively.

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