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LuitBiz HRM & ESS

LuitBiz HRM is a robust and feature rich SaaS HR Software with no download, installation, maintenance or upgrading required. LuitBiz HRM enables all companies to manage their HR process over the cloud without the hassles of maintaining a costly in-house IT infrastructure at an affordable monthly cost. LuitBiz HRM includes rich functionality to support employee, recruitment, training, bonus, HR Forms, attendance and appraisal (both 180 and 360 degree approvals) management plus Employee Self Service (ESS) features.

With LuitBiz HRMS you can:

LuitBiz HRM focuses on simplicity of usage. In fact it is so easy to use that our claim is:

"If you know to browse - you can use LuitBiz HRM & ESS"

While traditional business applications are complicated and expensive, the advantages of the cloud-based, software as a service (SaaS) environment of LuitBiz HRM and ESS include:

In today's business world where collaboration is the key to success and the ability to being online 24x7 holds the key to retaining talented employees, LuitBiz HRM and ESS offers a secure, adaptive means to move your strategic employee management processes onto the cloud.

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Why LuitBiz HRM & ESS?

Why LuitBiz HRM & ESS? How is it different? What is strategic HRMS after all? Are these and similar questions bothering you? Don't worry!

LuitBiz HRM & ESS Features

LuitBiz HRM & ESS are the smartest and the most agile HRM & ESS software on the cloud that will help your business recruit and retain talented employees

LuitBiz HRM & ESS Benefits

LuitBiz HRM & ESS helps your company leverage and / or align HR practices to build critical capabilities that enable your organisation to achieve its goals.


How are LuitBiz HRM & ESS Different From Others? How are LuitBiz HRM & ESS going to add value to your company? Questions! Questions! Questions! We have the answers to all your questions.

Manage your most valuable assets - your employees, with LuitBiz HRM & ESS

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