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LuitBiz is an on-demand (SaaS) web based Business Applications Suite that enables growing businesses to centrally manage their business processes over the Internet without the hassles of maintaining a costly in-house IT infrastructure at an affordable monthly cost.

Using LuitBiz, companies can use one system to manage their entire business processes efficiently and increase productivity.

LuitBiz Business Applications Suite consists of LuitBiz ERP, LuitBiz CRM, LuitBiz HRM, LuitBiz ESS (Employee Self Service), LuitBiz DMS, LuitBiz BPM, LuitBiz Contacts and LuitBuzz (the most comprehensive enterprise communication tool). All these applications share a common database. So there is no need to manage business data in diverse software because getting these diverse applications to talk to each other is a very expensive and time consuming job.

In LuitBiz, you can build your own suite by selecting the applications you require. For example, your suite can consist of LuitBiz DMS, LuitBiz BPM, LuitBiz HRM and LuitBiz ESS or LuitBiz CRM, LuitBiz ERP, LuitBiz HRM, LuitBiz ESS and LuitBuzz etc. You can select and choose any combination accoutring to your business needs. Additional modules can be purchased later if you so require.    Test Drive it For FREE

What is LuitBiz?

SaaS Business Applications Suite

Document Management (DMS)
HRMS & Employee Self Service (ESS)
  • LuitBiz CRM helps companies generate more leads, get new customers, close deals faster, and sell, service, and market smarter.

    LuitBiz CRM Marketing

    This module includes features for effective Competitive Positioning Strategy for your company. The Marketing module guides you through the entire marketing process that includes creating your Market segmentations, research, and competitors' product and positioning, performing SWOT analysis and your value proposition and managing your marketing campaigns.

    LuitBiz CRM Sales

    LuitBiz CRM Sales features allow you to improve your sales success, eliminate low sales productivity, close deals faster and increase your company's sales. With separate role based interfaces for Sales Managers and Sales Executives, LuitBiz CRM Sales provides a simple point-and-click interface to automate business processes. The role based sales dashboards allow you to manage all your activities, receive reminders to contact leads, prospects, campaigns and your ongoing tenders. Sales Managers are able to follow up ongoing sales results and compare it with sales budget and the team's performance via the Sales Manager Module of LuitBiz CRM Sales.

    LuitBiz CRM Support

    LuitBiz CRM Support provides complete customer support functionalities including definition of support rules, online customer trouble ticketing, escalation and reports. The support module of LuitBiz CRM is built from ground-up to make your support team's work easier with customized dashboards for different roles to handle support issues very effectively.

    LuitBiz CRM Customer Portal

    LuitBiz CRM Customer Portal features allow you to improve your sales success, eliminate low sales productivity, close deals faster and increase your company's sales. The role based sales dashboards allow you to manage all your activities, receive reminders to contact leads, prospects, campaigns and your ongoing tenders. The Sales Manager will also be able to follow up ongoing sales results and compare it with sales budget and the team's performance.

    LuitBiz CRM Contacts

    LuitBiz CRM Contacts is an easy to use contact management system that helps businesses to maintain a clear and relevant presentation of all their business contacts. Any business that aims to succeed needs more of a contact management system than a simple list of names followed by addresses and phone numbers that are available in smart phone and email address books. Of course these information are important, but they are only the beginning of the relevant information that a business needs to earn more revenue. In regard to customers, the types of additional information that are likely to be most relevant include: detailed records of all products or services purchased, further products or services the customer may appreciate, notes and information on transactions or projects with the customer (both those that are currently in progress and those that have been completed), names of the team member(s) who are directly dealing with the customer, notes on any feedback the customer provided or any special needs or preferences the client has expressed, and the like. In regard to individuals or companies that are actual or potential suppliers or partners of a small business, the types of additional information are likely to be most relevant include: the specific services provided, the cost of those services, any notes on the transaction or points of importance for future transactions, their areas of interest and the like. LuitBiz Contacts allows businesses to manage and update all these contact records. Additionally, Luitbiz Contacts allows you to filter and retrieve contact information easily and to employ it intelligently.

    SaaS CRM
    LuitBiz CRM Marketing: $25.00 / User / Month
    LuitBiz CRM Sales: $25.00 / User / Month
    LuitBiz CRM Support: $25.00 / User / Month
    LuitBiz CRM Contacts: $5.00 / User / Month
    LuitBiz CRM Customer Portal: $1.00 / User / Month

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  • LuitBiz ERP features helps your business to become more time efficient and improve productivity by eliminating duplication and manual entry. The key to success - and survival - is to create simplicity in the face of complexity, to minimize the disruption caused by change and growth, and to become an all-round more agile entity.

    This is not an easy ask, no matter what the size or budget of a company is. As businesses grow they become more complex and harder to manage. And even a small business will experience significant disruption when it experiences a small amount of growth. The main difficulty faced by businesses is that they need more resources to accommodate growth, and this tends to cause the different parts of the business to start functioning in isolation, or in "information siloes". As employees start to feel detached from the "core" of the business, they spend more time on time-consuming administrative activities, and have less and less of an understanding of how what they do effects the bottom-line.

    Fortunately, there is an answer to this dilemma in the form of LuitBiz ERP, which can help small, midsized and enterprise businesses reduce costs and become smarter, leaner, and more agile organisations.

    The features of LuitBiz ERP include:

    Item Control

    Complete control and management of item data and pricelists. Item tagging helps companies manage their items based on their verticalized requirements. Additionally, item templates allow companies make master templates of their item data and use them across items. Currently this feature comes free with the LuitBiz CRM modules of Sales, Marketing and Support.

    Supplier / Business Partner (BP) Management

    Complete database of all your suppliers and business partners centrally in LuitBiz ERP helps your company have greater control over supplier management. Supplier contacts and complete information on those contacts are managed centrally here. Additionally, the items supplied by these suppliers (business partners) can be entered here along with their rates. Currently this feature comes free with the LuitBiz CRM modules of Sales, Marketing and Support.

    Procurement Management
    SaaS ERP

    Procurement is viewed as a strategic function working to improve the organisation's profitability and helping to streamline processes, reduce raw material prices and costs, and identifying better sources of supply. The Procurement Management module of LuitBiz ERP will help companies streamline their procurement processing and automate their requisition to payment cycle focussing on strategic activities with "touch-less" buying.

    Inventory and Warehouse Management
    SaaS ERP

    Inventory management can be time-consuming, especially if you are trying to do it by hand or in Excel spreadsheets. Speed is everything in business. How fast you reorder products, ship customer orders and update your inventory records could make or break your company. That's why an automated inventory management system is so important. The Inventory module of LuitBiz ERP will help you plan, analyze data and manage your inventory more efficiently and proactively.

    Service Management
    SaaS ERP

    The Service Management module of LuitBiz ERP will help companies improve visibility, boost service performance management, increase revenue, and more proactively provide aftermarket services. This module will include tools that a modern, fully-connected service organization requires including Customer service interaction management/call management, Service performance management for generating and maintaining complex equipment records, service order dashboard for providing visibility and control to dispatchers, supervisors, and customers and mobile integration via a responsive framework.

    Finance and Accounting
    SaaS ERP

    LuitBiz ERP will provide real time visibility into the financial health of your company via the General ledger where you will be able to view, add and edit the summary of accounts, journal entries, fund transfers, reconciliation, adjustments, settlements, remittances and transactions. The accounts payable feature of LuitBiz ERP will help you have a birds eye view of the payments you need to make bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of the entire payables process. The accounts receivable feature of LuitBiz ERP will help you see the list of your creditors. The bookkeeping for measuring the net value of accounts receivables can also be done via this module.

    SaaS ERP Ihe item & supplier / business partner management modules of LuitBiz ERP comes FREE with the LuitBiz CRM modules.

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  • LuitBiz DMS is an easy to use web based document management system built from ground-up using proven technologies. This intuitive software offers powerful document management features that include all tools a business requires to digitally manage their documents over the cloud and can be used by companies of all sizes across all verticals.

    LuitBiz DMS help businesses have better access and control over their documents and solve the following challenges:

    • Secure storage of business documents in electronic format
    • Access To Documents from anywhere in the world
    • Archiving of various versions and history of the document changes with complete audit trail
    • Document Approval
    • Document Indexing
    • Document Knowledge Management
    • Granting of different access rights to access documents to different users
    • Creation of reports on working with documents
    SaaS Document Management LuitBiz DMS is priced at $15.00 / User / Month

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  • LuitBiz BPM is a web based business process management tool where you can define your custom forms and workflows, attach these workflows to the created forms and the system takes care of the whole approval process.

    LuitBiz BPM helps businesses to:

    • Optimize business operations with visibility through continuous process monitoring and analytics
    • Accelerate task completion through robust collaboration capabilities
    • Manage change confidently with intuitive governance
    • Deliver more meaningful user engagements by extending business processes to user friendly forms and workflows
    SaaS Business Process Management LuitBiz BPM is priced at $15.00 / User / Month

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  • LuitBiz HRM & ESSenables all companies to manage their HR process over the cloud without the hassles of maintaining a costly in-house IT infrastructure at an affordable monthly cost. LuitBiz HRM includes rich functionality to support employee, recruitment, training, bonus, HR Forms, attendance and appraisal (both 180 and 360 degree approvals) management plus Employee Self Service (ESS) features.

    LuitBiz HRM and ESS include:

    • No hardware and software installation and maintenance
    • Shared infrastructure works like a utility, so you only pay for what you need
    • Clouds are secured and your data is safe
    • Upgrades are automatic and scaling up or down is easy
    • Comes integrated with LuitBiz CRM and ERP. So you can easily switch between applications, there is no need to worry about integrations and data exchange
    • This SaaS HRMS gives you full control of your content while giving your users secure access across devices and geographic locations
    • This SaaS HRMS can be deployed in hours, instead of days or months, LuitBiz HRM and ESS are extremely easy to use!
    • LuitBiz HRM and ESS allows you to use your budget to stay competitive instead of maintaining outdated infrastructure - another big advantage of using a SaaS HRM!
    • LuitBiz HRM and ESS offers flexibility, scalability and reliability - a feature that makes a SaaS HRM score over traditional on-premise HRMS

    SaaS HRMS LuitBiz HRM is priced at $40.00 / User / Month and LuitBiz ESS is priced at $5.00 / User / Month

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  • The communication tools of LuitBuzz include one to many communication, one to one communication, and public messages for all employees and discussion forum. All these tools help companies align their corporate policy to promote healthy communication amongst its employees.

    LuitBuzz also helps in significantly improving the overall business perspective in the competitive world. LuitBuzz not only acts as a communicator in the engagement of the employees but also as a facilitator of their overall growth, enhancing their communication skills, knowledge development and soft-skills while interacting with the prospects and clients. This helps enhancing their intrinsic values for better market metrics. Business dynamics demand not just the domain knowledge and technical skill sets but overall improvement in the personality of the person also. This helps ascending the overall image of the organization and is perceived in a positive manner that translates into more win in business in this competitive world.

    Corporate Communication  LuitBuzz comes free with all the modules of LuitBiz be it ERP, CRM, DMS, BPM or HRM

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Select Your Modules

LuitBiz has all the applications that you need to manage your entire business processes. Select the modules that you need and get started. Its that easy!

LuitBiz Features

The power-packed features of LuitBiz help growing businesses cut their IT costs, accelerate their sales cycles and improve lead-to-customer cycle times by 50%

LuitBiz Business Applications Suite has been built from ground-up using proven open source technologies. There is no need to install any third party software to access LuitBiz or to maintain an in-house IT team to manage your business software. Additionally upgrades are provided to all customers without any extra cost. LuitBiz is hosted in the high performance virtual elastic servers that are highly scalable and secure.

Using LuitBiz Business Applications Suite, you can concentrate on your core business without having to worry about hardware / software implementation, maintenance and upgrades.

LuitBiz focuses on simplicity of usage. In fact it is so easy to use that our claim is: "If you know to browse - you can use LuitBiz"

LuitBiz Business Applications Suite provides a 360 degree of all your business processes. Additionally, LuitBiz supports multiple companies. So, using LuitBiz you can access the business data of all your business units using just one software as you will be able to save all your company and subsidiary data and knowledge in a central repository. The concerned employees and other authorized stakeholders can access this data and knowledge base as per the management policy so that your company can continue functioning effectively and efficiently in the existing competitive scenario.

LuitBiz Benefits

Why pay for a software license when all you want is to use the software you need when you need it? LuitBiz is the right answer to your company's business software requirements.

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