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The BFSI (Banking, Financial services and Insurance) sector continues to face key challenges that may have an impact on the financial performance of the banking industry, such as:

  1. Evolving customer demands and the need for developing new products and services to cater to new customer segments
  2. Increasing cost of operations due to heightened regulatory and compliance pressure
  3. Changing customer channel preferences with increasing adoption of mobile and social media
  4. Rising competition from non-banks (such as retailers and telecom firms)

LuitBiz can be used by the BFSI sector to improve efficiency, enhance customer experience, retain employees and achieve regulatory compliance.

Know Your Customer

Cloud Software For BFSI IndustryBy leveraging customer data (i.e., customer's channel interaction data and demographic profile), the BFSI sector can improve customer relations as well as marketing and sales activities. LuitBiz CRM provides the necessary tools to banks to achieve this objective.

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Become Operationally Effective

SaaS Software For BFSI Industry LuitBiz is a unified application that that combines CRM, BPM and HRM capabilities with the customer Portal and LuitBuzz which gives BFSI companies to unite fragmented data and automate processes for increasing operational effectiveness and efficiency

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Improve Visibility

CRM For BFSI IndustryLuitBiz gives you complete 360 degree visibility across all the processes of your company. Real time dashboards and alerts ensure that you get a real-time picture of your business, sales and support processes and helps you take timely data-driven decisions to increase your bottom line.

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Streamline Documentation

Document Management Software For BFSI IndustryThe BFSI sector is very document heavy and finding the right document at the right time by the right person to make the right decision is often very challenging. Luitbiz DMS takes care of this challenge by providing you the right document just when you need it with the help of its comprehensive and robust search functionalities

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Manage Business Processes

Business Process Management Software For BFSI Industry LuitBiz BPM offers a flexible, extensible platform that enables rapid application design for every process driven business area in the BFSI sector. Design, develop and deploy processes with LuitBiz BPM web based form and workflow design tool rapidly and automate task routing and processing

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Retain Talent

HRM Software For BFSI IndustryCompetition to retain valuable employees is fierce and has become very crucial as they are the people who help the organisation to achieve its strategic business objectives. The knowledge and experience which employees have acquired during their tenure period in priceless. LuitBiz HRM provides the necessary tools to nurture and retain talented employees in the BFSI sector

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LuitBiz Effortlessly manages all business information in the BFSI industry

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