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LuitBiz CRM For Boosting Sales

LuitBiz CRM helps your company boost sales in a systematic and organized manner by:

Organizing you business contacts: The "Contacts" module of LuitBiz CRM allows you to store all your business contacts and their information centrally. This allows easy access and manageability as well-organized information increases efficiency by saving you time and boosting productivity.

Tracking and scheduling activities and tasks: In LuitBiz CRM, you can input all your engagements, as well as schedule and assign upcoming tasks and follow-ups. By tracking your activities/ interactions, your sales team is able to view what is being said, as well as note specific details about the contact to help in the sales process. This gives you and anyone working with your contacts the knowledge and power to better connect and serve based on that contact's needs and previous engagements with your brand. The result of all this integration is better customer experience.

Automating workflows: The automatic workflows of LuitBiz CRM alert your sales team when tasks/activities assigned to them are due. This saves your team time by automatically inputting preset tasks and activities to be completed.

Automating your marketing: LuitBiz CRM helps you automate your marketing and nurturing your leads in an efficient and effective way. Additionally, the campaign management feature of LuitBiz CRM allows you to track the progress and financial aspects of all your marketing campaigns.

Engaging your prospects socially: Post to all of your social networks, find engaging conversations, and track your social efforts with LuitBiz CRM. Social media is no longer an 'extra' item, it must be part of your digital marketing campaign. It is important to get the whole scope of how your contacts are reacting and engaging with your brand. Knowing how they engage with your over social media, and what they are saying about you gives you a lot of insight into that contact. Use this information to build a better relationship with your clients both on and offline.

Capturing & Scoring leads: Using LuitBiz CRM, you can capture leads from marketing campaigns using various media and also track their conversion rate. Your marketing team can pass on hot leads to your sales team in LuitBiz CRM. This saves a lot of time and increases your sales by knowing who is most likely to convert ahead of time.

Managing support cases: The support case management feature of Luitbiz CRM can be used to manage your support and customer feedback, issues, and more. All of your customer feedback and complaints can be submitted via the customer portal of LuitBiz CRM via a support ticket. This ticket is assigned to one of your support members, and stored as data in your LuitBiz CRM. Armed with this information your sales or marketing teams can make future sales or marketing efforts with that particular contact or the organization as a whole. Support tickets in LuitBiz CRM also trigger workflows, notifying the escalation of support cases and follow up. This keeps you organized and well equipped to best service your clients and customers.

Increasing revenue and boosting sales: With an integrated CRM software like "LuitBiz CRM", your business is able to rise from sales mediocrity. Instead of focusing on your company's offerings, LuitBiz CRM lets you concentrate and address what is important to your customer. This is a better way of selling as not every customer is created equal, just like each pitch you make, each engagement you have should be aimed at whom you are speaking with. LuitBiz CRM lets your sales team better understand their customers, and an informed sales force provides better service than one that is disconnected.

While defining your company's goals, you always do so by putting the customer on "Center Stage". When you focus on the customer instead of the sales, you build a deeper relationship, develop loyalty, and ultimately boost your sales. This is a win-win situation that will help you sale more of your products and services.

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