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Civil engineering and construction companies operate on a project driven environment whose needs and requirements are ever changing. Business growth and success are achieved by taking well calculated risks to increase profit margins. An increasing pressure to reduce costs, shrinking timeframes and demanding regulations require that these companies have an integrated IT system in place that allows them to quickly and accurately calculate margins, costs and risks. LuitBiz offers these companies an end-to-end solution to efficiently manage their projects and give them clear insight into their business. This allows these companies to better control construction projects, respond faster to customers, accurately plan resources and improve the quality of their service.

LuitBiz can be used by civil engineering and construction companies to plan and execute construction projects faster and more accurate by quotes and bids, to subcontracting, billing, procurement, document management, retention and asset and plant management.

Manage Suppliers

Software For Engineering & Construction IndustryCivil engineering and construction companies have to manage a complex network of suppliers to meet their project deadlines. LuitBiz ERP provides them with the necessary tools to manage and retain loyal suppliers

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Process Large Volumes Of Data

Software For Engineering & Construction Industry Civil engineering and construction companies have large volumes of customer data and documents in addition to the legal and regulatory documentations. Finding the right document at the right time is critical to their business success. LuitBiz DMS helps these companies manage and streamline all their critical business documents

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Maintain Visibility & Control

Software For Engineering & Construction IndustryComplete visibility and control over concurrent projects and budgets is critical for the success of projects in an engineering and construction company. LuitBiz provides you all the tools that are required to control and predict your budgets, sales and costs

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Optimize Staffing

Software For Engineering & Construction IndustryThe success of civil engineering projects depend on allocating the right resources to the right project and optimize the use of the company's staff. LuitBiz HRM helps companies allocate the right skills to the right project while minimizing bench time

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Improve Collaboration

Software For Engineering & Construction IndustryA big challenge faced by civil engineering and construction companies is the management of important business critical documents. With LuitBiz, companies can share important documents and intellectual property easily, regardless of location

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Stay Ahead Of Competition

Software For Engineering & Construction IndustryCivil engineering and construction companies are always faced with the challenge of staying ahead of their competition. LuitBiz helps these companies manage every aspect of the construction process while delivering agility and insights to keep them ahead of their competition

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