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Collaboration Management In Automotive Industry With LuitBiz

We believe that product development is a collaborative process where each and every member of the organization has some contribution to make. The innovative design of LuitBiz helps employees collaborate on design, development and support in the automotive industry. LuitBiz supplies the necessary tools to collaboratively engage all your employees and speed up the delivery of the products to the market and ensure world-class customer service.

The collaborative features of LuitBiz gives the automotive industry an edge over their competitors from start to finish:

  1. Market requirements and customer studies can be shared and discussed via LuitBuzz
  2. Market segmentation and analysis, competitor product analysis and SWOT analysis can be performed via LuitBiz CRM to study product feasibility
  3. The sales module of LuitBiz helps you streamline your leads and prospects and generate quotations to make sales. During the sales process, any collaboration that needs to be done across departments can be done via LuitBuzz
  4. The support module of LuitBiz CRM along with the customer portal of LuitBiz ensures that customers are provided continuous and timely support by your team. Escalation rules and LuitBuzz collaboration can be of great help during this collaborative process
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