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The bulk of the world's new cars come from the moving assembly line and the first requisite of this process is an accurately controlled flow of materials into the assembly plants. The need for careful control over the flow of materials is an incentive for automobile firms to manufacture their own components, sometimes directly but more often through subsidiaries. Additionally, the automobile industry adheres to stringent quality checks and the five steps of APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) needs to be strictly followed by the manufacturers.

LuitBiz helps automobile manufacturers streamline the supply and quality processes by:

  1. LuitBiz ERP takes care of the materials and their supply required for developing the product. The comprehensive supplier module of LuitBiz ERP helps you find the best rates from your registered suppliers with a single click. It integrates your business processes to better manage supply, inventory and demand
  2. The BPM module of LuitBiz helps in streamlining all your quality processes for manufacturing automobiles. You can use the BPM module of LuitBiz DMS to define the necessary forms and attach workflows for the five sections of your APQP process namely, Plan and Define, Product Design and Development, Process Design and Development, Product and Process Validation, Feedback, Assessment and Corrective Action
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