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The process of purchasing a car involves a number of phases. From awareness to consideration, short listing, purchase, service, and ultimately repurchase, the "consumer decision journey" (CDJ) framework describes the way car buyers move from an initial consideration to their final purchase. Customers increasingly rely on digital channels, for example, checking brands' Web sites, reading reviews, and visiting social networks and community forums in the consideration phase. Recent insights have revealed that more than 50 percent of customers make their decision online, emphasizing the importance of managing the online channel for car makers. The social media module of LuitBiz helps you in reaching out to your customers making them aware of your products, quality and offers.

LuitBiz helps an automobile marketer by:

  1. Engaging prospective customers in digital information posted in Social Media
  2. Providing a platform to perform competitor analysis, market segmentation and analysis and generating SWOT reports
  3. Providing a platform to design and run marketing campaigns in various media to woo prospective customers
  4. Providing market intelligence to the design and sales team about a product
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