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The manufacturing industry faces an abundance of obstacles like labour disputes between companies and their employees or reductions in force due to the shift of labour off-shore, low wages and less than desirable working conditions, in addition to quality-control problems and lack of skilled training. From a manufacturer's perspective, the biggest challenges faced by the industry are:

Finding and retaining good people

Software For Manufacturing Companies Manufacturing companies today have a hard time finding employees who will show up on time for work, stay at their work stations, and stick with their jobs. When it is hard to find reliable personnel, employers have to spend excess time hiring and training new employees, then rehiring and training new employees. This is difficult both in terms of financial costs and efficiency.

The HRM and ESS modules of LuitBiz ensure that you hire the right employees, nurture and support their talent and retain them. The unified approach of LuitBiz HRM and ESS ensure that you get sustainable competitive advantage.

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Manufacturing data management

Manufacturing ERP Manufacturing involves a great deal of data, and most manufacturers are overwhelmed and are unsure of how to access and use that data to leverage positioning within a competitive market. As such, generating data isn't the issue. The issue is accessing the data and then using it to leverage positioning within a competitive marketplace. Towards this end, manufacturers must study data management opportunities and challenges, identify data management abilities, and prioritize data analysis plans. These three practices assist manufacturers with making the transition from simply controlling large amounts of data to uncovering new, highly valuable information about it and then applying it to business practices accordingly.

The ERP, CRM, BPM and DMS modules of LuitBiz ensure that all your manufacturing data, processes and documents are in place and can be accessed easily.

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Inventory discrepancies

Inventory Management Software Discrepancies in inventory are a big problem for manufacturers. When you have inventory that does not move, you have two choices: sit on the product or slash prices to promote sales. In either case, you are losing profits. Likewise, from a financing perspective, asset-based lenders are not going to advance nearly as much for inventory as they will for accounts receivable. This means small and midsized manufacturers will have even fewer options for keeping inventory available.

The Warehouse feature of LuitBiz ERP ensures that your company follows the best practices in the manufacturing industry and ensures optimal performance of your inventory processes.

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Growing role of compliance

Compliance Management Software in Manufacturing Manufacturers have to take compliance seriously. Compliance can include everything from product safety to IT security to fair competition. But when this crucial issue is overlooked, manufacturers deal with major consequences, such as destroyed corporate reputations, annihilated financial performance and even ruined careers.

The BPM and the DMS modules of LuitBiz ensures that all your documents and workflows are well managed and documented so that internal and external compliance audits are a breeze.

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