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How Can LuitBiz Help A Marketing Manager?

Marketing Managers can use the sophisticated analytic features of LuitBiz to manage marketing campaigns, study market requirements, do market segmentation; perform a competitive and SWOT analysis, finalize product branding and much more. Details such as budgets and activities are recorded against campaigns. Leads gained from the marketing campaigns can be logged LuitBiz, giving an instant, real time view into campaign success and segmentation/demographics of potential customers. Once Leads are passed to the Sales teams and qualified to sales 'opportunities' then the analytic tools of LuitBiz can help you assess the number of qualified and closed sales per campaign, giving you a clear indication on ROI.

Since marketing focuses on two basic objectives - (a) acquiring new clients and (b) retaining the current base; having a competitive edge in the form of a marketing information system like LuitBiz is critical to meeting goals. For any company, processes must be logically sequenced, automated and constantly honed. In the battle of global competition, marketing managers cannot be successful without the requisite tools. LuitBiz is the number 1 tool in the market that offers completely integrated sales, marketing and support modules that helps companies achieve their specific market objectives - both tangible and intangible.

How Can LuitBiz Help A Marketing Manager?

Enhanced Customer Loyalty - In-depth knowledge of the buying habits of individual customers is invaluable for improving customer service and, in turn, enhancing customer loyalty. LuitBiz can be very effective in that regard as they allow businesses to understand customer's behavior and offer customised services catered to their unique needs. In addition, LuitBiz creates a two-way communication channel with customers, making it easy for them to provide feedback and receive instant response. It goes without saying that superior customer service equals enhanced customer loyalty.

Marketing & Sales Integration - In the past, sales people used to carry information cards about each customer in which they recorded remarks about customer's buying habits and preferences. Such information was inaccessible to the marketing department, leaving marketing and sales working separately to achieve individual goals. LuitBiz can play a key role in bridging the gap between sales and marketing, allowing them to integrate their vision and processes to meet common business goals.

Increased ROI - The benefits of implementing LuitBiz are not limited to understanding the needs of individual customers. The collective information and commonalities shared by different customers can provide accurate guidelines for the overall business strategy. General Managers and CEOs can use this information to predict future trends and plan business strategy accordingly. This information can also be invaluable to the marketing department. For example, if the ROI per customer is noticeably high in certain demography, then launching future marketing campaigns that target this group will result in improved lead generation rates. From a sales perspective, LuitBiz equips sales people with in-depth knowledge about customers, allowing them to close sales more quickly whilst significantly reducing customer acquisition costs. The perfect integration between sales and marketing that LuitBiz provides will eventually result in a higher ROI.

Quantifiable historical data available for investment decisions - Most marketing managers make investment decisions without the benefit of quantifiable historical data. In fact, when it comes time to request next years' marketing budget, most requests are not based on demonstrated success and solid ROI, but instead based on the prior year figure plus some nominal increase. In addition to organization and automation, LuitBiz incorporates statistical analysis of marketing processes and their quantifiable results. Proven successful campaigns result in increased budgets for the marketing department. The bottom line is king, numbers are the greatest single determining factor in new investment decisions. LuitBiz provides measurable reports to the marketing managers that help them in making the right budgetary decision.

LuitBiz is a Marketing optimization and automation software for Marketing Managers helping translate marketing spending into revenue

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