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LuitBiz HRM For Reimbursement & Bonus Management

With the rising cost of benefits and shrinking HR budgets, LuitBiz HRM's reimbursement and bonus modules offer practical cost-saving opportunities for your organization without compromising benefits. Whether your goal is to automate the reimbursement payments to employees or streamline the disbursement of employee bonus, LuitBiz HRM delivers a user-friendly participant experience with the goal of enrolling more members of your workforce in your spending and savings accounts and keeping them enrolled as and when required. The reimbursement and bonus management module of LuitBiz HRM lets you introduce real accountability to your compensation plans and reward your workforce accurately and fairly, based on real, measurable performance and submitted documents. And that's just for starters.

LuitBiz HRM offers your company:

As far as your employees are concerned, LuitBiz HRM has the following to delight them:

LuitBiz helps streamline your company's bonus and reimbursement processes making your business more efficient & profitable

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