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How Can LuitBiz Help A Sales Manager?

LuitBiz can be a tremendous tool for sales managers. It can be used to train new sales people on your sales process as the tool will reflect the process very closely. Sales Managers are also able to have a complete birds eye view into the complete sales process/status using dashboard features and reports which show information in real time.

How Can LuitBiz Help A Sales Manager?

Increase sales team productivity - LuitBiz can give a huge boost to your sales team's productivity. By automating all your sales processes, your sales team will have a competitive advantage due to your reduced production costs, increased sales revenue, and increased market share.

Build stronger customer relationships - As a sales manager, you would want to build strong relationships with your customers. By implementing LuitBiz, the productivity of your team will be increased, therefore enabling you to spend more time with customers. Not only will your team be able to spend more time with current customers, they will be able to spend more productive time with potential customers due to the efficiencies put in place by LuitBiz. Ultimately, more time with customers means an increase in the number of deals closed, generating a larger, stronger customer base.

Reduce costs - Costs can be difficult to reduce when you are working in sales. Errors and extra time spent on placing orders within your team costs you additional money. LuitBiz provides you the tools that you need to increase accuracy and effectiveness of your sales process by eliminating order errors and the time spent correcting those errors. Additionally, since LuitBiz is offered in the on-demand model, so you will not be wasting time with applications that slow down your processes. This effectively decreases wasted time and will reduce your costs.

Enhanced communication - In a sales team, effective communication is very critical for customer management. LuitBiz provides you and your sales team all the tools that you require to increase communication between the sales team and the customer. This makes the entire sales cycle more efficient and subsequently helps you close deals and help your team get commissions faster.

Easy access to lead intelligence - The ability to quickly access information on leads for a sales manager is of critical importance. LuitBiz allows you and your team to maintain lead intelligence which is easily accessible. Additionally, you can track the entire communication process of your team with the leads and take corrective measures when the need arises.

Get organized - Implementing LuitBiz will help your team prioritize their responsibilities and tasks and give full visibility so you and your team can know who to call first when following up on leads. You can also use a LuitBiz to find the best leads by prioritizing the best opportunities. Being more organized means your team is no longer wasting time on a disorganized search through leads that are at different stages in the sales cycle. Instead, you can easily access the leads that need to be followed up on today, allowing more time for other responsibilities.

Complete view of your customers - Working in sales means working with several customers and potential leads every day. With so many contacts, it is important to have all the necessary information at your fingertips as you communicate with them. Luitbiz provides a complete picture of all of your current and potential clients along with the complete communication history with them. This information will allow your team members to know details which can help them formulate a sales pitch which successfully outlines how a product can meet the client's needs. Instead of having silos of client information, your sales team will have one complete picture, therefore allowing your team members to easily create stronger customer relationships.

Improved sales reporting - It is of the utmost importance that sales is up to date in order to develop accurate forecasts which help provide a good view of the market conditions and predict sales. With LuitBiz, you can avoid duplicate data and retrieve high quality reports which are readily available at your fingertips in real time, providing reports that are accurate and up to date.

Bringing the field staff closer to the team - There often can be a large separation between the sales field staff and sales team. Primarily this is due to a lack of effective information. However, with LuitBiz, the field staff will be able to send information to the sales team more often. Additionally, information can be sent to the sales manager after each sales call completed by the field staff, rather than provided daily and weekly reports. This reduces the sales manager's response time and gives way for a more alert and responsive team overall.

Increase customer satisfaction - Customers are the primary concern of any sales team. CRM technology can help your sales team increase customer satisfaction by analyzing the customer information your team members collect in addition to communicating with them via the customer portal. This information can be analyzed within the system to provide reports and data which can then be used to create a product that matches or exceeds expectations. Customer satisfaction leads to increased loyalty and increased profit margins. Essentially, LuitBiz can give your sales team a competitive advantage by helping you build a loyal customer base.

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