Change Control in LuitBiz QMS

In a regulated environment, manufacturing companies are expected to establish procedures for effective change control in order to ensure product quality and safety. Manufacturing involves a multitude of process that involve document changes. These processes include design specs, formulations, SOPs, specifications for raw materials, etc. Under these circumstances, automated change control systems are critical. A change control software not only makes a company audit ready for compliance but also greatly enhance a company's productivity.


Change Control Challenges and how LuitBiz QMS can help

Without LuitBiz QMS

With LuitBiz QMS

Poor Change Control Turn-Around
Change control systems are time bound and a fast turn-around is essential. In traditional paper-based change control systems that involve a lot of leg work to generate necessary data have poor turn-around for change implementation.

Excellent Change Control Turn-Around
The integrated change control process of LuitBiz QMS ensures that the entire change control procedure is streamlined for faster turn-around. It offers best practices for workflows and escalations. Additionally, real time reports provide insights into change control tasks and action items

Disconnected Change Control Processes
In a paper-based or hybrid change control system communication breakdowns amongst the disparate tools result in lack of follow-up, late notifications, and tasks not completed by deadline. This could result in changes being made by the suppliers and stakeholders without any notification

Connected Change Control System
The holistic approach of the Change Control forms of LuitBiz QMS integrates the change management processes with the rest of the quality system and document control. This connectivity vastly improves efficiency through automatic task assignment, routing, scheduling, notification, and escalation of incomplete tasks. Since LuitBiz QMS can be accessed from any device over the Internet all stakeholders can take part in the change control process virtually from anywhere

No integration of Training and Change Control
In manual paper-based or hybrid change control systems, the training for new and existing SOPs is not integrated. This makes it difficult for employees to keep up with all the changes in SOPs, policies, and other critical documentation

Integrated Training and Change Control
In LuitBiz QMS, the training forms can be linked to the training module of LuitBiz ESS (Employee Self Service) training module. Any change in a document that warrants new training can be handled by the training module of LuitBiz ESS.



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