"LuitBiz BPM" Business Process Management Software

LuitBiz BPM allows you to create, manage and store all your business process documents and forms and workflows. It helps maximize your productivity with timely retrieval & distribution of documents and forms. Main activities of LuitBiz BPM are:
  • Design Document Formats, Forms and Workflows
  • Modelling Your Workflow Processes
  • Executing Workflows Based On Defined Business Rules
  • Monitoring Business Processes & Approvals
  • Optimizing Business Processes
LuitBiz BPM is completely responsive and can be accessed via any device (computer / smartphone / tablet) without downloading any mobile apps.


Here's how LuitBiz BPM helps improve your business processes

Our simple interface lets you streamline your business processes in seconds

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Create Document Formats, Forms & Workflows in seconds

The simple interface of LuitBiz BPM allows you to create document formats, forms and workflows in seconds

The intuitive interface makes it extremely easy for anyone to use


Automate Processes With Workflows

Quickly create and assign workflows to your documents and forms

Track approvals from the dashboard and get notified when approvals are done.


Data Entry Forms

Create your data entry forms and allow users to enter data into these forms and share with relevant stakeholders



Streamline any documents or forms that needs authorization by another person who can access them from their dashboards.

You can create single instance, multi-stage or sequential workflows for approvals and attach them to documents or forms.


View time-stamped audit trails

View time-stamped audit trail of all activities performed on the documents and forms

These audit trails cannot be edited or deleted and are extremely useful during compliance audits



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