Frequently Asked Questions About LuitBiz EAM

Is LuitBiz EAM offered in the Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) model?

Yes, LuitBiz EAM is offered in the SaaS model. We also offer micro instances of LuitBiz EAM in the SaaS model where the software is customized to meet your specific organizational requirements.

Does LuitBiz EAM grant complete asset visibility??

Yes, it does. Users can click on the asset name to view the complete details of the asset and then even see the status of tasks in that asset. This drill-down capability connects strategic objectives with individual tasks, ensuring alignment and enabling data-driven decision-making.

Is LuitBiz EAM capable of real-time reporting?

Yes, definitely. LuitBiz EAM makes it possible to report on real-time information no matter how large or small your business. Stakeholders have easy access and frequent updates on everything from budgets to timelines, as well as team and vendor performance results.

Will LuitBiz EAM help consolidate disparate tools and improve workflows?

Yes, it does. LuitBiz EAM helps companies across all aspects of the asset lifecycle, from procurement to deployment, asset management, asset tracking, maintenance, and disposal, to name a few aspects of the platform. Thus, there is no need of disparate systems to manage different aspects of asset workflows. All asset workflows are built into LuitBiz EAM.

Is LuitBiz EAM accessible via mobile devices?

Yes. LuitBiz EAM is completely responsive. It can be accessed from anywhere, anytime using any device (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) connected to the Internet without downloading any mobile apps or web apps.

What are the different types of users in LuitBiz EAM?

LuitBiz EAM has 2 types of users - "Asset Users" and "Finance Users". As the names suggest the first type of users manage the assets while the second types of users manage the financial aspects of the assets.


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