"LuitBiz HRM & ESS" Human Resource Management & Employee Self Service Software

LuitBiz HRM is a robust and feature rich HR Software with no download, installation, maintenance and LuitBiz ESS is the accompanying Employee Self Service Software that allows employees to access and manage all their job data. Main features of LuitBiz HRM & ESS are:
  • Employee Data Management & Core HR
  • Recruitment & Training
  • Leave, Attendance & Payslips
  • Appraisal & Career Development
  • Employee Task Management
  • Employee Help Desk
LuitBiz HRM & ESS is completely responsive and can be accessed via any device (computer / smartphone / tablet) without downloading any mobile apps.

Here's how LuitBiz HRM & ESS helps improve your HR processes

Our easy-to-use interface lets you streamline your HR processes in seconds

Streamline Your Recruitment Process

The simple interface of LuitBiz HRM & ESS allows you to create employee requirements, schedule & conduct job interviews and complete the entire hiring process easily

The intuitive interface makes it extremely easy for anyone to use


Automate Appraisal Processes

Conduct both 360 ° and 180° appraisal with the automated appraisal workflows

Track employee work progress and help them achieve their career goals.


Train Employees To Increase Efficiency

Use the training module of LuitBiz HRM & ESS to analyse training needs, design & monitor trainings and ensure that your employees are equipped with all the knowledge to perform their jobs efficiently.


Streamline Employee Attendance

Track employee attendance and ensure that all leave applications follow the leave workflow processes.

You can upload attendance records from your existing attendance systems or we can integrate them with LuitBiz HRM & ESS for you.


Ensure That Employees Perform Their Tasks On Time

The task management module allows you to assign tasks to different employees and follow up with them till they complete their task and submit their job report.

The task completion is very useful during appraisal and compliance audits


Listen To Your Employees & Solve Their Problems

The Employee Helpdesk Feature Of LuitBiz HRM & ESS helps the HR Department address all employee grievances and address them.

Addressing employee grievances on time ensures that employee goodwill increases and this will help retain talent.



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