Quality Forms Management in LuitBiz QMS

Businesses need data to make critical business decisions. The best way to collect data is through standardized forms. The ability to create a standardized form helps you collect valuable information accurately and consistently to make informed decisions. LuitBiz QMS Forms Management module allows you to make standardized forms and checklists based on your company’s requirements. You can manage all your quality processes using these forms to gain better control over how information is captured, managed, tracked, accessed, and shared within and outside the organization and perform root cause analysis efficiently.
With LuitBiz QMS Forms Management module you can:
  • Store all forms and critical data in a centralized database
  • Organize forms for different business and regulatory standards
  • Keep track of the status of the various forms
  • Mitigate compliance issues
  • Manage access control to mission critical forms
  • Standardize forms for complaints, CAPA, change control, deviation, investigation, training, etc
  • Analyze form inputs for improved decision making


Some Forms that you can make using LuitBiz QMS


Identify quality-related events, design and execute containment actions, mitigate recurrence, and verify the effectiveness of root cause elimination

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Complaint Management

Manage the entire quality related customer complaint lifecycle from complaint filing and investigation to resolution and closure

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Training Management

Track and manage all the paper-based training processes, requirements, execution and track the training records seamlessly

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Change Management

Establish clear SOP and workflow for change management processes to manage and automate every step of the change control process

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Quality Forms Challenges and how LuitBiz QMS can help

Without LuitBiz QMS

With LuitBiz QMS

Inefficient paper-based forms
Paper-based quality forms require a lot of administrative time and effort to track and manage. This decreases the efficiency of the quality department to collect and correct information to make critical decisions

Efficient digital forms with full traceability
With LuitBiz QMS forms is a powerful solution for enterprises to create, share, and track forms more proficiently. Forms can be standardized decreasing administrative time and effort to track and manage them while enabling consistency and accuracy of the information to make critical decisions. The Audit trail feature enables you to track the entire life history of each form which is very important during compliance audits.

Limitation in the type of form creation
Digital forms management software comes with pre-configured form templates that can be used to submit and track quality data. However, there are numerous essential factors to consider, such as the type of form, compliance regulations, and much more. Being limited to only certain form templates such as CAPA, Change Control, Complaint, Training, etc might be a bottleneck if the company requires to capture the essential details of a product, process, supplier, facility, among others.

Unlimited types of forms
With LuitBiz QMS forms management, your quality team can create and form type using the easy-to-use form builder. It assists in standardizing data capturing processes for repeatable processes to maximize value and reduce investments. With LuitBiz QMS you can create all types of quality forms including purchase orders, supplier evaluation, permit renewals, material returns, calibration management, etc in addition to the standard CAPA, Change Control, Complaint, Training, etc forms

Static Forms Difficult to change
Paper-based forms are difficult to change easily when mandated by regulatory agencies. They require manual changes in related SOPs, their approvals and creation of ne paper forms which require lot of administrative time and money. This makes the change process very inefficient in paper-based quality forms

Dynamic forms that can be changed easily
The continuously changing compliance needs and company environments require the implementation of a flexible forms management solution like LuitBiz QMS. The number of fields, frequency of form submissions, consistency, and accuracy can all be managed with LuitBiz QMS. In accordance to compliance best practices for regulatory environments forms are stored centrally and comes with electronic signatures for validation. The advanced security features of LuitBiz QMS

No information sharing within organization
Sharing critical information and forms using paper-based systems that are prone to damage or theft across an organization can be challenging.

Improved information sharing within organization
The forms management feature of LuitBiz QMS takes all the worry out of the process and makes information sharing convenient for everyone. Additionally, the intuitive interface lets your team manage form-sharing more efficiently than ever before. LuitBiz QMS grants companies more control over the data processed - whether for creating a nonconformance record or developing an effective resolution for quality issues identified that can be accessed via any device, computer or mobile.

Increased administrative work and repetitive tasks
Paper-based forms require a lot of administrative time and money and involves a lot of repetitive tasks like printing, delivering and physically signing of forms. This slows down the entire quality process.

Minimize administrative efforts and repetitive tasks
LuitBiz QMS forms management allows companies to standardize various quality forms with configurable workflow for review and approval. System notifications ensure that no manual follow up is required. LuitBiz QMS accelerates the entire forms’ management procedure, reducing much administrative effort, time and money.

Diverse systems Unprepared for Audits
Paper-based and hybrid quality management systems depend on a lot of different sources for their data. For generating reports, all these data have to be collected and reports need to be generated manually. This takes a lot of time and are prone to human errors which might become very challenging during compliance audits

Audit ready Integrated system
LuitBiz QMS is an integrated system where all your quality forms and documents is managed by the same software in a controlled environment. This makes reports generation very easy and error free. This is a very helpful feature during compliance audits under regulatory environments.



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