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LuitBiz BPM Components

LuitBiz BPM has the following 6 basic components:

  • Process discovery and project scoping (decide process)
  • Process modeling and design (build form)
  • Process distribution and knowledge base (share form)
  • Business rules engine (design workflow and set permissions)
  • Workflow engine (attach workflow to form)
  • Simulation and testing (go live)

What can users do with LuitBiz BPM?

The various tools of LuitBiz BPM allow users to:

  • Visualize: functions and processes
  • Measure: the appropriate way to determine success
  • Analyze: compare processes to determine the most optimal one
  • Improve: select & implement improvements
  • Control: processes with the help of real time data
  • Re-engineer: revamp processes from scratch for better results