Top Risks of Not Having a Quality Management System In Place

Very often businesses shy away from having a quality management system in place as their day-to-day business operations take priority. However, if a business does not have a quality system in place they could face the following risks:
  • Lack of a continuous improvement process leading to increased manufacturing costs
  • The workforce will become disengaged their morale will suffer, productivity will decrease, and seasoned employees will leave the business in favor of more satisfying work
  • Lack of a customer satisfaction program leading to loss of customers to competitors reducing market share for the stagnant company
  • Lack of a document control and management system leading to loss of knowledge
  • Not having a formalized quality management system limits the ability of the business to expand its outreach, position and meet regulatory compliance requirements

How Does LuitBiz QMS Help Such Businesses?

The 8 key-principles on which LuitBiz QMS is based are:

Customer Focus

By allowing you to pin point what your business needs to deliver the products and services fit for your customers

Strong Leadership

By ensuring that the business is aligned, well-rounded and sets goals for monitoring and evaluating performance

Involvement Of People

By creating a quality-driven culture where people openly share information and understand the company's values

Process Approach

By allowing to have full control over your SOPs and their associated checklists and forms

Increased Profits

By providing tools to identify issues before they result in rework, waste, or nonconformances

Continuous Improvement

By adhering to the four-step quality assurance method called the plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle

Decision Making Based On Facts

Removing subjectivity from leadership with real-time use of data to facilitate continuous improvement toward strategic goals

Creating Value

Creating Value for the company, its clients and its suppliers

Continuously improve with LuitBiz QMS

LuitBiz QMS allows you to continuously innovate and improve your products, services and processes through incremental changes over time or changes that occur all at once. Towards this end, it adopts a four-step quality assurance method called the plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle:

Plan Identify an opportunity for improvement and plan for change by implementing the relevant SOPs and their associated forms and checklists

Do Implement the change on a small scale, try incremental changes without adopting a big-bang approach

Check Use data to analyze the results of the change by generating the necessary reports

Act If the change was successful, implement it on a wider scale and continuously assess the results. If the change does not work, begin the cycle again.

The Quality Management Process of LuitBiz QMS involves discovering the deficiencies that exist in the production of a product, and reducing the number of defective products that get delivered to the consumer. A continuous improvement program can decrease manufacturing costs by decreasing defective product, can increase production through continuous analysis and refinement of the manufacturing process, and can find and eliminate inefficiencies throughout the organization.