A Software Investment That Brings You More Profit

How LuitBiz Can Help?

  • Manage & Share Investor Documents: Manage and share Documents like K-1s with your investors and your firm’s selected employees
  • Streamline Processes: Streamline your business processes and workflows to reduce downtime or excessive back-and-forth communication with LuitBiz BPM
  • Sell & Support: Attract high-quality trading and account creation inquiries faster than your competition with LuitBiz CRM
  • Manage your workforce: Have an efficient workforce to thrive in a fast-paced work environment and ultimately, have an edge over competitors with LuitBiz HRM & ESS
  • Track Your Assets: Track & manage all your valuable assets with LuitBiz EAM

The Brokerage sector continues to face key challenges that may have an impact on it's financial performance such as:

  1. Evolving customer demands and the need for developing new products and services to cater to new customer segments
  2. Increasing cost of operations due to heightened regulatory and compliance pressure
  3. Changing customer channel preferences with increasing adoption of mobile and social media
  4. Rising competition from new-age online AI-powered Brokerage firms
  5. Huge losses due to the inability of tracking valuable assets centrally

LuitBiz can be used by the Brokerage sector to improve efficiency, enhance customer experience, retain employees and achieve investor success.

The best part about LuitBiz is that you can pick and choose the modules that you require and all of them are already integrated at the back end. So, there is no additional integration costs. Of course, if you require any customization, we are always ready to customize LuitBiz for you.