How can LuitBiz DMS help companies in USA?

In USA, with laws and regulations like HIPAA, NARA, GLBA, FINRA, FACTA, SOX, SEC, GMP and the HITECH Act, etc, the need for a well-structured records management system in business is paramount. Enforcement for noncompliance can be severe, including subpoenas, legal actions, and costly penalties. Some of the document related compliances required in USA are:




Keeping all these requirements in mind, LuitBiz DMS is best suited for companies in USA because LuitBiz DMS offers:


Mobile Friendly

The number of smartphone users in USA was 396.0 million in early 2024, with this figure equivalent to 116.2 percent of the total population. LuitBiz DMS is completely responsive and can be accessed via any mobile device connected to the Internet making it a very practical document management system for the US market.

Easy to learn & get started

Every screen of LuitBiz DMS has audio and video guides that helps users get started with the system within minutes of signing up. This is very practical for US companies who can save a lot of training time of their employees.

Automatic OCR for scanned documents

Most US companies have a sizeable amount of paper documents that need to be digitized and stored in a document management system for easy retrieval. The automatic OCR feature of LuitBiz DMS indxes your scanned documents without having to upload 2 copies - one image and the other OCR copy of each document. You only need to upload your scanned image in LuitBiz DMS!

Automatic version control

In USA, 19.8 % of business time – the equivalent of one day per working week is spent by knowledge workers looking for the right document. The built-in version control system of LuitBiz DMS helps you maintain complete historical records of all the different versions of the documents with complete document usage history

Easy to configure workflow for document approvals & Retention Periods

The easy-to-configure workflow feature of LuitBiz DMS helps automate approval processes without any manual intervention significantly reducing document turnaround time. Additionally, LuitBiz DMS allows users to configure document retention periods for statutory compliances.

Voice Approval With Mobile Devices

The Voice-to-text feature of mobile browsers is very useful for approvers who can approve documents while on the move via their mobile devices without even having to type their approval comments

Easy search & document knowledge

Professionals in USA spend 49% of their time searching for documents and their related information while 33% struggle with the document versioning. LuitBiz DMS allows you to store and search information not included in the body of the document. This saves a lot of time as already researched and collected information do not get lost and can be retrieved immediately

Document Library

LuitBiz DMS Enterprise comes with various template documents that are required for Income Tax, ISO and other compliances. This helps users in having the correct document template for ensuring various compliances

File Format Independent

All document formats can be stored in LuitBiz DMS (barring some executable file formats)

Multiple Location Support

LuitBiz DMS supports multiple business locations. There is no limit on the number of business locations that can be added to LuitBiz DMS

"View Users" Module

The "View Users" module of LuitBiz DMS allows secured sharing of documents with those users who just need to view documents and not perform any operations on them.


LuitBiz DMS can be customized to meet your company's document management requirements. This ensures that you need not change the way you work by switching to LuitBiz DMS - rather the system can be customized to suit your processes


LuitBiz DMS helps you free up your knowledge worker's time spent in chasing trails of paper documents and increases their productivity by around 50%!




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